Autumn Colours

Whilst walking for much longer than expected recently, I found myself immersed in nature and enjoying the vivid colours of Autumn. I tried to capture the colours in this photo, but felt a little disappointed that it wasn’t really the same as experiencing it in real life.

This photo doesn’t do the entire scene justice. It doesn’t capture the feeling of being in nature, the smells, the Autumn evening, the changing sky, the fading light, the crisp cool air, the fleeting moment when a branch looks like it is made of molten gold and magical, as the setting sun reflects off the surface.

It got me thinking about sound baths…

How pleasurable they are, and how easy it is to fall into a restorative trance/mediative state when listening to the gong. How listening through our ears and feeling of sound vibrations through our bodies, as experienced in a sound immersion/soundbath held in real time and space, is completely different to listening online or to a recording using headphones. Bodily hearing through tissue conduction enables us to perceive frequencies far above and below those in the normal range of hearing. Practicing on a 80 inch gong that makes space vibrate, I can feel deep rumbling vibrations through my entire being…

So whilst online soundbaths and listening through headphones can be good, there’s no substitute for experiencing sound in real life and being fully immersed in sound and being present in that moment. So give yourself time and space to allow that to happen, if you can.

Even if you are too busy looking after everyone else and/or working and/or facing challenges of life, it’s defintely OK to practice self care and look after yourself on a regular basis. And may be you know someone who can benefit from doing so.

Then we look forward to soundbaths happening monthly in 2023. Private sessions can also be arranged if you can’t wait or for a special treat, including with 80 inch and 50 inch gongs in Gloucester Road/South Kensington for 4 people only.

80 inch gong and Janet producing deep sounds of the universe/creation
80 inch gong and me – experiencing the deep sounds of the universe/creation

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