Regular sound bathing is a pleasurable and relaxing part of a holistic approach to maintaining health and wellbeing.

– Janet

Janet is a 200-hour qualified NAAD Yoga of Sound Meditation Teacher and member of the Yoga Alliance. She trained with Leo Cosendai (author of 7 days of sound meditation and founder of the sound meditation app Third Ear) since 2020.

Janet was introduced to her first gong bath through her yoga studio and was hooked!

Janet strongly believes that we can all experience the profound benefits of sound, through which that we can overcome stress, tension, blockages and achieve balance and is motivated to share this more people.

“Every sonic immersion is different – you may feel deeply rested, invigorated, more creative and imaginative, and may have drifted off without even realising. I often feel calmer, more focused, and sleep better after bathing in sound.”

Sessions are accessible to all ages, yogi, never done yoga, office bodies, every body, with no pretension. Her sessions focus on the sound and beneficial for health – physical and mental – and wellbeing, and are down to earth, simple and effective.

Janet looks forward to facilitating and sharing the sound with you.