“At first my mind was full of different thoughts, which at some point dissolved, and I was in the mountains… Afterwards, I felt refreshed.”

– Deb

“I concentrated on the sounds – my mind was very busy wondering how they were made. I could feel the sound surrounding me, getting louder. I was wondering if there were somehow speakers around me, when I must have drifted off…”

Anon on their first sound immersion
The vibrations of the gong covers every frequency.

“I must confess that I had never heard of a gong bath before I experienced it; how I wish I had heard of it years ago! Lying prone with subdued lighting I was fairly tense but the sounds that I heard soon subdued my mind and I became totally relaxed and at peace. I confess that I must have fallen asleep as I woke with a start and then continued in a most relaxed state. When the session finished, I could hardly get up, not that I wished to. This relaxed frame of mind stayed with me until the next day. It was a wonderful experience, thank you Janet.”

– David

“I was so relaxed I actually nodded off and was able to forget all my worries. It gave my thinking brain a welcome break.”

– Elysia

“What a wonderful experience. As I lay with my eyes closed I felt the vibrations in my body, as well as hearing the sounds from the wide range of gongs and instruments used. I felt so completely relaxed I did not want to move when the session ended. I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to escape the pressures of life.”

– Gill

“Having sounds wash away the daily troubles was an amazing experience…”