Restoring, invigorating, energising, deep relaxation….

Give yourself, friends, family, employees, an absolute treat for body and mind! For a special ocassion, an event, including for mental health awareness day.

A full body and mind immersive session involving a range of instruments can be specifically tailored for your needs and intentions.

Private sound sessions can be tailored for individuals with fibromyalgia, dementia and Alzheimer’s to incorporate methods and frequencies that have been proven to have positive effects.

Get in touch to discuss requirements.

I’ve also got access to a sonic cocoon that allows up to 4 persons to experience London’s biggest gongs – 80 inch and 50 inch – near South Kensington.

To arrange a bespoke private session, corporate session, or a sound session for your retreat, or with the 80 inch and 50 inch gongs, or to discuss any other requests and collaborations, feel free to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you!